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Awards & Recognition

Awards of Honesty and Excellence

Rome was never built in a day and neither is reputation developed overnight. With a consistency of expounding the vision of Providing Quality Lifestyle for the last fifteen years and translating that vision into reality, VST Group’s efforts and the hard work of its team has been appreciated in the form of the awards they have received in the past which includes 2012 Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Award and 2011 Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellent Award.

The 2012 Asia Pacific Award recognizes the operating and managing style of an enterprise, its reputation as well as public image in the market. It is also a vital indicator when entrepreneurs choose their strategic partners or when consumers make their purchasing decisions.

On the other hand, the 2011 awards is primarily a reflection of the organization’s strength and its stability in the market, coupled with an excellent performance in all areas or which have pioneered and made significant contributions towards society.

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